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Indian Wear

As versatile and glamorous Indian Ethnic Ensembles are, their upkeep often poses a challenge. Any festive occasion often demand us to pull off spiffy and elegant looks. Our specialized dry-cleaning services are tailored to the very specific care required by Indian wear. Be it a lehenga or a zari sari- pick Starex!

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Western Wear

Nothing is as low maintenance as a good ol’ pair of jeans. But its timelessness depends on our laundry choices. Restore life into your westernwear with Starex. Our services use specialized solvents depending on the fabric type.

Bags and Shoes

Don’t hurry your bag into the washing machine. Starex specializes in stain removal and deep cleaning of all types of shoes and bags. Irrespective of shoe skins or bag fabrics.

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Home Linens

Fresh and clean linens make for a comfy home. Leave your sheets, tablecloths, duvets, and comforters with us. Our customized cleaning process will work its magic. Enjoy your dinner, we’ll clean up!

Baby Care

Baby-sensitive cleaning detergents keep their clothing delicate and fresh. We promise we will handle it with care!

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Your carpets need not be a spill-free zone. Starex specialized machinery ensures carpets retain their sheen. Pick Starex for bouncy and soft carpets.


No caustic dry-cleaning fluids for your delicate woolens. Our experts ensure the quality of fabric and color is retained. Wear fresh, odorless, comfy winterwear with ease.