Disclaimer – Claims and Settlements

  1. Practically it is not always possible to note cuts, holes, scratches, stains at the time of undertaking, if such defects become apparent during the process the remarks of the workshop in charge will be final and legally binding on the customer.
  2. Every effort is made to deliver the garments in time but if due to some uncontrollable circumstance the delivery is delayed the customer shall not be entitled for any compensation or deduction in the charges, whatsoever.
  3. The cleaners accept no liability for any loss or damage to the clothes arising out of fire, theft, not any other similar unfair seen causes.
  4. Whereas it will always be the endeavor of the cleaner to remove all stains but still removal of all stains shall not always be guaranteed & customer shall not be entitled to any reduction in charges for the same.
  5. The firm shall not be responsible for the breakage of buttons beads, etc, which might take place during cleaning or pressing process.
  6. If the delivery of article is not taken Within three months after the booking of the clothes the customer shall forfeit his right to claim the articles; the cleaners sell or in any other way deal the garments at their will.
  7. Garments booked for steam press and Starching (charak) not checked at the counter, are accepted on customer’s risk.
  8. Practically it is not possible to follow up all the deliveries/ pickup & all customer are requested to call at least one day before in case they want timely delivery/pickup.
  9. Customer is fully responsible to check pockets before they handover garments for dry cleaning and take delivery on due date.
  10. No agent or employee of the company has any authority to alter, very or quality in any way the afore said terms and condition.
  11. All complaints and claims will be settled at At The Outlet of Booking Only.
  12. In Case garments are not collected within 3 months from the date of delivery the garments shall be dealt with in such manner at the sole desertion of Starex Dry Cleaners Pvt. Ltd. and the customers would have no claims on the same.
  13. In the event of misdeliver/ loss/ damage to any garment, the liability of the cleaner for the loss or injury of any kind shall not exceed in any case up to Rs. 2000/-
  14. STAREX Wallet – Customers can add funds online or at store counters to their unique STAREX wallet. These funds can be utilized at any STAREX outlet. These funds can only be used for services offered by Starex Dry Cleaners Pvt. Ltd. Customers cannot withdraw funds in the form of cash or any other such negotiable instruments.
  15. Refund – Refund on pre-paid orders will be transferred to the customer’s unique STAREX wallet. The customer can use these funds to avail services offered by Starex Dry Cleaners Pvt. Ltd. These funds cannot be withdrawn by the customer in the form of cash or any other such negotiable instruments.
  16. Darning – Darning services offered by Starex Dry Cleaners Pvt. Ltd. is a value added service and can only be booked at a Starex Booking Centre after proper inspection of said garment.
  17. Starex Dry Cleaners Pvt. Ltd. requests customer information such as Birthday, Phone Number, Email ID and Address to provide customers with unique rewards, offers and a seamless experience across all Starex outlets.
  18. Under the jurisdiction of Delhi courts.