What Is Dry Cleaning?

  Despite its name, dry cleaning is a process using the liquid, rather than water, to clean clothes, bedding, upholstery, and other articles. The dry cleaning process relies on using liquid chemical solvents such as hydrocarbons. By using liquid solvents instead of water, professional dry cleaners are able to retain the quality and integrity of…

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Why You Should Dry Clean Instead Of Washing Your Clothes

Instead of soaking clothes in water with soap or detergent, the dry cleaning process uses chemicals that are safe for your clothes to eliminate stains. Because each method uses solvents, every piece of clothing that is dry cleaned will need drying to get rid of any solutions left behind. Dry cleaned clothes, bedding, and other…

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Make Your Life Easier with Dry cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

The world has witnessed a standstill for a long time due to the outbreak of Covid-19. As migration and other physical movements were restricted, people entertained themselves by surrounding themselves with family. Our daily hobby revolved around watching TV and sipping instant coffee. Presently, as the situation has been sound and good for people back…

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